Byron Steeves

Why Does Ice Form Inside Your Fridge?

While you expect your fridge to keep its contents cold, you don’t expect to see ice forming on the appliance’s inside walls. While a little water or even an occasional thin film of ice might not be a problem, larger ice deposits and spots of freezing on your food are more concerning. Why is your fridge icing up, and what can you do about it? Your Temperature Setting Needs Adjusting

The Essential Service You Need Before Committing To Buy Any Older Building

If you are in the market for a home or business property, there are a lot of factors that go into your choice. The proximity of the building to essential services, the size and layout of the property and the general condition that the building is in. What you might not consider is safety. That might seem like a strange factor to consider, as aren’t all buildings subject to the same safety standard?

Steps To Follow When Dealing With Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Plaster repair is a task that a competent DIYer can handle. It is important to treat plaster finishes on the ceiling with care. Old plasters offer flexibility and quality texture. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain these qualities during your home renovation. If you are looking to repair your plaster ceilings, take the time to learn the right procedures to follow. Analyse the Ceiling Once you repair the cause of the ceiling damage, analyse how far the plaster has pulled away.

Is Your Forklift Sick? 3 Ways to Know It Needs Professional Repairs Right Now

Forklifts are ‘workhorses’ that aren’t just durable and well-built, but also can work in any environment, including the rocky, muddy or marshy places. But if you ignore professional maintenance, servicing and timely repairs, the forklift won’t be fit for any construction project. If forklifts are inspected and serviced regularly, they won’t have to be repaired frequently. However, you shouldn’t delay any repairs, including minor ones, since you might have to replace some parts later, and this could be more expensive for you.

Why Pontoons Are So Much Easier To Maintain Than Fixed Structure Jetties And Docks

In boating and marine culture, there are two main types of ways that people access the water: via fixed and non-fixed structures. The differences between the two are almost self-explanatory, as the fixed structures use permanent foundations and are connected to the river or ocean bed all the way out. On the other hand, non-fixed structures are generally connected to the shore but float on top of the body of water’s surface, therefore requiring fewer anchors.

Why Commercial Rendering Is The Perfect Blind Of Form Meeting Function

Brick and masonry are very prevalent building materials used all across Australia, and they have been for many decades. However, while the brick facade was popular in the 1970s and 80s, it has since faded somewhat, and many people who are looking to buy or use brick in their buildings prefer to get it covered. This is especially true for businesses who want to present a modern and minimalist design that is easy to customise.

Why You Should Never Wait To Fix The Cracks In Your Concrete

Concrete is known for its tough qualities, which makes it an attractive material for construction projects of all shapes and sizes, from parking lots to art installations. You probably have quite a fair bit of concrete in your home or business right now. One problem that can arise with concrete, however, is a variety of cracks. These cracks will often appear due to shrinkage or other, unpredictable reasons that have nothing to do with how it was poured, and it does not mean your concrete is totally destroyed.

Shower Regrouting: Mistakes to Avoid

Regrouting and sealing tiles is one of the most affordable renovation exercises you can undertake in your bathroom. Unlike many other bathroom renovation exercises (e.g. the installation of a hot tub) it is largely a one-man job and it often requires no more than a few hours for a regular-sized bathroom. Because the renovation exercise can be quite exciting, it is easy to get carried away in the excitement especially since a professional will be handling the regrouting exercise on your behalf.

Safety Tips for Proper Handling and Disposal of Lead Waste in Residential Restoration Projects

Throughout history, lead was widely used in construction materials due to its elasticity and resistance to corrosion. However, when the metal becomes airborne and is inhaled, it can lead to severe cardiovascular problems. Therefore, if you’re restoring an old structure that’s suspected of containing lead, it’s crucial to observe safety measures to prevent lead exposure. Whether you need to remove water-damaged materials or repair damaged ones, here are a few safety tips for the proper handling and disposal of lead waste.

Why CNC Machining Is Still The Best For Highly Specific Repairs

Many industries and companies use very specialised machines, manufacturing tools and equipment that are one of a kind and needed for reasons completely individualised to them. That means, when they break down, they are very hard to replace. While 3D printers are slowly becoming useful to fill this void, they are nowhere near the level of quality that CNC machining can provide. CNC machining has been around for a long time, but modern updates to the hardware and software have allowed it to remain competitive as the undisputed king of highly specialised repairs.

Common Storm Repairs You Should Leave to the Experts

Australia’s hot climate is tempered by the cold fronts that often occur during the afternoon and night. This is a recipe for storms, and every year hundreds of storms ravage every inch of the coast which is unfortunately where most people live. Australians are likely familiar with the damage these storms can cause property, and it is all too easy to want to fix these problems on your own. However, some storm damage repairs should always be left to the experts, lest you make it worse or injure yourself in the process.

3 Signs That Your Cast Resin Distribution Transformer Needs Repairs

One device that is overexploited in most workplaces is the transformer. The failure of your transformer is caused by poor maintenance and overworking the unit. Once these devices fail, everything stops. That can bring a lot of pressure trying to get operations back up. You can prevent the failure of power transformers if you carry out proper maintenance and repairs. You need to know the signs that show your cast resin distribution transformer needs repairs.