Keeping Your Carpet Clean When You Own a Cat

Owning a feline friend can certainly bring a lot of joy to your life. But there's no denying that they're also messy, and some of the smells they produce are difficult to tackle. When you live in a property with a carpet, you'll need to remain proactive in keeping it clean. Here are some ways to do that when you own a cat.

Add Protection to Their Area

The chances are, your cat has an area where they tend to their daily needs. This can mean an area where they feed, or a feeding area plus somewhere for their litter box. To minimise the risk of cat food or cat litter getting onto your carpet, purchase a low-cost rug that'll match the room's decor. Ideally, you'll choose a rug that's easy to launder so you can place it into your washing machine from time to time.

Use Specialist Pet Sprays

Specialist pet sprays are ideal for tackling a range of cat-related stains. This includes cat sick and furballs, which can both cause dark stains on light carpets. As there's no easy way of telling where a cat will deposit their furball, always having a spray on hand allows you to tackle the problem early. Make sure the ingredients are compatible with your carpet's fabric and upholstery, though.

Vacuum Hair and Use Lint Brushes

If your cat is particularly fluffy, you may find yourself using lint brushes on upholstery at least every other day. Doing this prevents the fur from gathering and nestling its way into your carpet. You should also vacuum on a daily basis to remove hair from the carpet itself.

Use Carpet Refresher Powder

Using carpet refresher powder or deodorising powder is essential when you have a litter box indoors. While cats do everything they can to keep themselves clean, they're likely to transfer small amounts of urine from their paws to your carpet. Sprinkle refresher powder onto your carpet once a week and leave it to settle for a few minutes to deodorise effectively. After waiting, hoover it up and enjoy the scent of a fresher carpet.

Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Although routine cleaning goes a long way towards maintaining your carpet, it's still advisable to use a professional for a thorough clean at least once a year. Using high-powered cleaning tools, they can effectively remove odours and stains. You may also want to use a professional service if you find an old urine stain that has become difficult to tackle. Contact a carpet cleaning company to learn more.