Three reasons for buying used forklifts instead of new ones

Forklifts are invaluable for any business that involves lifting and moving large items. However, they can also be expensive. One solution is to buy a used forklift. What are the advantages of buying such equipment second-hand?


Firstly, and most obviously, buying a used forklift will be considerably cheaper than buying a new one — possibly half the price. The bigger and more sophisticated the machine you want, the more it will cost, and it may be that buying the ideal forklift new is out of your budget altogether. Any savings you can make in buying the equipment your business needs is real money that can be invested elsewhere, helping your business to prosper and grow. Fortunately, the market in used forklifts is large, and virtually any type of vehicle should be available to buy second-hand. You will, therefore, be able to buy the right forklift cheaply, instead of trying to save money by skimping on some necessary specifications.


You may be worried that buying a used forklift could result in a machine of lower quality and even one that is unsafe. In fact, the opposite is true. For example, used forklifts are available from leasing companies or manufacturers who will have maintained them properly during their use. Used forklifts will be properly reconditioned and thoroughly inspected before being sold on. Specialist dealers will also inspect and grade the used forklifts, ensuring that all are safe to use and that you know what you are getting. They may also supply a warranty and after-sales package. Your used forklift will, therefore, be a durable machine that should function as effectively as a new one.


It is also worth considering the environmental impact of buying new or used equipment. Everything has an environmental cost, both in the resources used and the energy consumed in its manufacture. If a forklift is simply junked when it is no longer needed, it wastes valuable materials and contributes to pollution and greenhouse emissions. Buying a used forklift avoids the environmental costs of new manufacture and of disposal and is a much more eco-friendly solution than buying new equipment unnecessarily. Reusing equipment is always a greener method than new manufacture.

Used forklifts have lower costs both to your business and the environment and will be well maintained and high-quality machines. Talk to a dealer today to find the right forklift for your needs without costing the earth.