Two Benefits of Re-Grouting Wall or Floor Tiles

Here are a couple of benefits of using a wall or floor tile re-grouting service.

It will protect the tile 

One of the most significant benefits of using a re-grouting service is that it can help to protect the tiles. When the grouting around a tile starts crumbling, the chances of that tile getting damaged become higher. For example, with no grouting to shield its edges, these edges may get chipped if someone hits them with any hard objects. Fixing chipped tiles is tricky, as whilst you can glue the piece back on, there will usually be a visible crack where the chipped part has been reattached to the main tile. Because of this, it is often necessary to replace chipped tiles, which can be pricey. Likewise, when most of the grouting around a tile has crumbled off, the tile can become unstable and end up partially detaching from the wall. If the tile falls off, it may not only break into pieces but could actually hurt someone if it lands on them.

Having the tiles re-grouted by a repairperson can stop things like this from happening, as the grout will not only cover the vulnerable edges (i.e. the points at which chips are most likely to occur) but will also function as an adhesive that will keep the tile where it's supposed to be.

It will be easier to clean

Another big benefit of using a repairperson's re-grouting services is that it will make the grouting easier to clean. Grouting can become stained over time (especially if it's located in a high-traffic area of a property). These stains can discolour the grouting and make it look dirty. Furthermore, when grouting crumbles, dirt can get stuck in its crevices and make it unhygienic.

Putting new grout in the place of this type of stained, dirt-encrusted grout will restore the clean look of the wall or floor area. It will also be much easier to clean, as its upper layer will be smooth and fully intact, which means dirt won't get trapped in it. Last but not least, because the grout won't be crumbly, whoever cleans it can scrub it as forcefully as they need to. This means they can remove any stains on the grout without worrying that this will cause more of the grouting to crumble. As such, the grouting should remain stain-free for a very long time.

For more information, contact a re-grouting company.