Why Commercial Rendering Is The Perfect Blind Of Form Meeting Function

Brick and masonry are very prevalent building materials used all across Australia, and they have been for many decades. However, while the brick facade was popular in the 1970s and 80s, it has since faded somewhat, and many people who are looking to buy or use brick in their buildings prefer to get it covered. This is especially true for businesses who want to present a modern and minimalist design that is easy to customise. That is why commercial rendering is perfect for any and all brick structures, and here are a few reasons why that is the case. Rendering has been around for thousands of years. The invention of cement made rendering a much more powerful tool than previous iterations.

What Is Render?

Render is a shortening of the term concrete or cement rendering, which is a crucial ingredient in this process. However, the most prominent part of the recipe is sand, which is mixed with cement and often lime to create the smooth but durable surface that is so sought after. The sand gives rendering a far smoother and more workable texture than concrete would have on its own. 


While bricks are obviously quite strong and sturdy, over time, they have a bad habit of eroding. This can be amplified in a harsh climate like Australia where a light shower can be followed by extreme temperatures which are, in turn, followed by a heavy thunderstorm. Commercial rendering prevents your brick wall from weakening, which can add decades onto its life and avoids a lot of the maintenance that can be associated with brick structures. Due to rendering being essentially concrete, it provides a perfect cap to the brick interior which reinforces it. The two work in tandem. The brick is a strong base, and the commercial rendering ensures it remains strong by keeping the rain, sun and dirt off of its surface.


If you have ever owned a brick building, you know just how hard it is to paint or adjust in any meaningful way. Rendering provides a flat surface that is very easy to modify with paint, patterns, material designs and anything you want. Because your commercial rendering is smooth, it provides a far easier canvass on which to create your ideal facade. It also means that if you don't like what you make, you can change it easily by covering it up with a fresh layer of paint. For those who want a unique-looking business but can't afford to demolish the brick walls, commercial rendering is your friend.

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