Common Storm Repairs You Should Leave to the Experts

Australia's hot climate is tempered by the cold fronts that often occur during the afternoon and night. This is a recipe for storms, and every year hundreds of storms ravage every inch of the coast which is unfortunately where most people live. Australians are likely familiar with the damage these storms can cause property, and it is all too easy to want to fix these problems on your own. However, some storm damage repairs should always be left to the experts, lest you make it worse or injure yourself in the process. 

Roof repairs

Most people would assume they are able to get a few tree branches off their roof safely but the reality is that this type of storm damage repair is exceptionally dangerous. Not only are you precariously high off the ground but the surface is exceptionally slippery and most people do not have the required safety gear at home. Also, if a tree branch or something similar has landed on your roof there is a good chance it has cracked or damaged the cap or some of the tiles, which would require expert help to fix anyway. It is always best to leave roof storm damage repair to the experts for safety and convenience.

Fallen trees

Unless you own your own mulcher, there is not much you can do with a fallen tree apart from chop it into small pieces. That takes a lot of time, however, and often only reforms the problem. Now instead of a full tree, you have a bunch of chopped up bits of tree you still cant dispose of. Many storm repair companies will gladly take these fallen trees off of your hands and dispose of them safely and offsite. Sometimes this means turning it into mulch that will be re-used and sometimes it means turning it into firewood or a myriad of other uses.


Perhaps the most common structural issue after a storm is the common broken window. Rocks, hail, branches, twigs and even gravel can all be flung into your window which makes it a prime target to be broken. Storm damage repair companies are experts in identifying problems with windows (smaller cracks, loose seals and so on) and fixing or replacing them. Never try and remove and replace a window by yourself as it is quite a delicate procedure. if you are not careful you can damage the new glass window and perhaps ruin its setting as well. Glass repairs take a few minutes to install by a professional, which is a lot less work off your back and also keeps labour costs down making it a win-win for you.