3 Signs That Your Cast Resin Distribution Transformer Needs Repairs

One device that is overexploited in most workplaces is the transformer. The failure of your transformer is caused by poor maintenance and overworking the unit. Once these devices fail, everything stops. That can bring a lot of pressure trying to get operations back up. You can prevent the failure of power transformers if you carry out proper maintenance and repairs. You need to know the signs that show your cast resin distribution transformer needs repairs.

Unusual Noises

When you hear a funny noise from your transformer, do not ignore it. Once you realise it is producing a louder sound that you are used to, call in a qualified technician. They will inspect the machine and find out what is affecting it. Other changes in the tone and pitch of the device could also be a sign of distress. Be careful to listen to your dry type transformer as it will signal you when it is almost failing. 

Colour Changes

Checking the insulation colour will help you know its health state. One major factor that leads to the breaking down of the transformers is heat. The insulation colour of the transformer changes when it gets hot for a long time as it is running. That can lead to a darker shade of the machine compared to when you bought it. You can check the insulation colour of the transformer from the inside. You can also use the outside section of the windings to find out the insulation colour. When the difference in colour at the top and bottom is significant, then it is time that the transformer gets repaired. 

Changes in Vibration

Transformers need to be checked once they begin to shake a lot. An intensely shaking device could mean that the machine is breaking down. If you are using a dry-type transformer, then it will have rubber pads on the runners. These are for reducing the vibration of the transformer. As time passes, they wear out and stop providing cushioning. The added vibrations after the rubbers wear out could lead to the damage of other parts of the machine. 

Finally, you should not wait when your device shows any of the signs listed above. Call in your transformer repair specialist. The power transformer repair professionals will know the measures to take. They come equipped with the right tools to make sure your device is effective. The only thing you need to do is find a suitable repair expert. Look for a certified and experienced technician for the job. 

For more information on power transformers, contact a repair service.